Hey Lamwcw,

I'm happy to admit I haven't been invested in SOG myself (just a few months) to tell the truth but up nicely already so happy to be along for the ride. Yes, also true about me being a rather new poster here as well. Your 2 for 2.


  What I meant by newbies posting wasn't new investors persay but rather new posters as in somebody BRAND new to stockhouse (sometimes that very day)  jumping on a specific board (in this case SOG out of thousands of others they could have) and then proceeding to tell everyone how they know everything about the stock like management is garbage, the SP will soon drop, and so on with little facts involved, AKA Bashing. I'm sure if you've been investing for awhile in general (I assume you have) then I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

So I suppose you could brand me both "new to the board" and a "pumper" if you like (I'm fine with that) but IMHO what's not to like about SOG?

Just telling it like I see it and glad to be along for the ride!