Seems the early Jan spud is a new target.  If it hits oil, it may prove up another years drillin'.


That is a good thing.


The talk here of new posters, seems one of these posters warnin' of newbies (pumpers or bashers|) is himself a newbie.  If that ain't a hoot, boarder?  lol. 


Anyway, as the share price is up a decent 50% lately, they should be looking to open up a new area.  The higher price gives them an opportunity to do an accretive buy.  I will offer up a potential target.  EE. 

Yes, ee.  Light oil, 90% oil.  Conventional high perm. target.  Seismically driven.  Cheap. EE needs financing and is target rich.  SOG will have up to $100 mill of available funding over '13 (cash flow and debt)  That is a whack of cash when so many juniors are simply tapped out.  Time to strike, imo.