A little piece from an interview on "The Energy Report" of Mark Lackey I read today.

TER: Do you have any new names in the oil and gas sector that look interesting?

ML: We've started to follow a company called Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. (SOG:TSX), which is a very interesting play in the Steen River area of western Canada. It has primarily light oil, which sells at a premium to WTI or Edmonton light. It's done a great job of increasing production—more than doubling it in the last year. Another recent acquisition added approximately 10–12% to its production numbers. It's well capitalized and with such a good balance sheet, we see it going forward in 2013 with work that can further increase its light oil production.

TER: So, where's that one trading these days?

ML: It's trading around $1.20 per share. When we first looked at it three or four months ago, it was trading at $0.70. It's been a nice winner, given the performance of the rest of the TSX Venture market, which has gone from 2,450 in 2011 down to 1,200 at the end of 2012. Strategic Oil's big increase in production and the fact it produces light oil has caught the attention of the marketplace.