Well spud Sat, range 22 township 122, section section 18 lsd 17.  We have two rigs working this winter Akita 55 and this drill is Terroco 7.  This drill is shown on the last corp presentation, page 12, as a green star that is the furthest west and south site.  It is into a section already being developed in the west Marlowe field.

Should be soon seeing a Jan update outlining '13 plans, guidance and goals.  Results from maybe two important wells might show us they have found a new pool or two and added a few sections of oil charged land which would add material value to the shares.


With so many juniors cash constrained this winter, SOG should be a company that creates  buzz from drilling that other juniors won't have.  Must own junior.


Love an economic oil play, convestional verticals, low drill costs, prolific wells, big reserves.  High porosity means high deliverability and up to 120 feet of pay means big reserves per well.  Lovely.