Here are two quick summaries of her comments. GLTA

  • Strategic Oil & Gas (SOG TSX-V) Strategic was a new buy at $1.
    Market Cap: $160 mil
    Strategic O&G's main focus is in its Steen River play in Northern Alberta where the company holds a large contiguous, prospective land base. The play offers multi-stacked hydrocarbon zones and attractive economics. Some wells pay out within six months. Very little was booked in terms of reserves. We expect substantial growth in resource in the upcoming years.


2012-11-23 TOP PICK Alice Tsang

Main focus is a play in Northern Alberta, Esteem River (?). Have about 40 sections of land, which contain a lot of oil so wells they drill are very economic. Some of the wells have paid back in less than 6 months. Have more than 150 locations to drill in future. Broke even last quarter in spite of a fire and the Rainbow pipeline being down. Expecting 40%-50% production growth going forward.