Thanks for the info. and the two good reads stuckinonoway.

As I see it, alternative energy is 20 to 30 years out as a financially viable alternative to oil but  nano technology research is on-going and I suspect will some day bear fruit. Advances with respect to batteries or the production of energy (LENR) is being made.

IMHO, Canadian governments should do what is necessary to exploit the oil sands and promote rail transport as a preferred means to access the US, Asian and European markets, even if it means providing a financial subsidy. I say this for four reasons: 1) It would show those who think they can shut down oil sand development by preventing approval of pipeline projects that this is a waste of time. 2) It would create jobs associated with building rail cars and possibly new rail lines. 3) It would provide an alternative to pipeline interruptions, be they un-intentional or the result of sabotage. 4) New rail infrastructure could be used to transport other goods and possibly open up new areas for exploration and mining.

The oil sands are extremely valuable today; who’s to say they will be as valuable 10, 20, or 30 years from now.