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Sundance Energy Corporation V.SNY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Sundance Energy Corp is an oil & gas exploration and production company. It explores, develops and produces oil and natural gas properties in Western Canada.
Price: $0.02 | Change: $-0.01 | % Change: -33.33%
Volume: 30,435 | Day High/Low: 0.025/0.02 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.10/0.015

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RE:RE:RE:.085 one day, .03 another=======MANIPULATION!!!!

I can explain . I sold 90 000 share the other day . sold at 4- 3.5 then 3 cents . only way I can get rid of them . I made over 2000 $ .... I bought everything at 2 cents and held for months ;)  rate and reply
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RE:RE:.085 one day, .03 another=======MANIPULATION!!!!

Then explain why SNY was bought up to .085 then the other day...  rate and reply
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RE:.085 one day, .03 another=======MANIPULATION!!!!

Read my last post, company has little cash and wrote off their assets. Stock is worth 2c at best.  rate and reply
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.085 one day, .03 another=======MANIPULATION!!!!

You can bank on it!~~~  rate and reply
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RE:RE: re: sp

its set to sell at 6.5 and the ask is 3 ha ha . strange trading day . it will take more then just bumping up the price, have a explanation why ... or drill results !  rate and reply
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RE: re: sp

Just talked to Jeffery Standen. He has no idea why that traded like it did. . Only 3000 traded at .075-.085c the rest at .025.  rate and reply
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Not many shares available. Let's see what the afternoon will bring.  rate and reply
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Any body know what is going on??? JUst traded at .o85c  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:should see something soon

As per their recent financials, their assets got written down to $1 and they have less than $100,000 cash. Don't like the way things look now.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:should see something soon

Yup you guess so . hopefully you didn't get caught with your pants down on this one ! but the reality is ; she is a junior and she's going to get pass around a little bit . someday she will be tired...read more
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RE:should see something soon

Just read over the annual financial results and MD&A, doesn't look good. Sure the company has a low share structure and about $350k cash. But there's also a million dollars in liabilities, debenutre...read more
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should see something soon

oh... boy a cold war all over again , Russia is a supply to Crimean and Ukraine Gas... Sundance Probably has Gas ( Saskatchewan is full of it .  rate and reply
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RE:Put a fork in her

shares traded 268000 x .02 that is only  $ 5360.00 Not sure if  $ 5360.00 can cook a comapny. There is an update on there website. Bail or double down she is a gamble.  rate and reply
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Put a fork in her

shes done  rate and reply
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Updated Web site

Not much but something. http://www.sundance-energy.ca/content/Corp_Snapshot2014.pdf  rate and reply
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RE:re:the results dorite

Guess that means your not dealing with the snow and cold like we are here. If you call you have a %50 chance the voice mail is full, %50 chance that you can leave a message and %100 chance they won't...read more
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re:the results dorite

Actually i saw that. They only mentioned the 80 meters of the 1200 meters they drilled. I guess the other formations they went thru were not significant. I never tried phoning as i am in AZ.  rate and reply
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The results dorite

that you were asking about are posted in the V.EPO bull board and they seem to be happy about them. No mention of oil though Cheers  rate and reply
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RE:re: standen

I figured as much, why reply to emails when you don't answer the phone or return mesages and most likely nobody is home, no point showing up at the office if there's nothing to do when you get there...read more
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re: standen

No reply.  I am thinking nobody is home. haha. Actually not funny.  rate and reply