me bitter naaa

i suppose you think that anyone who still has shares and options at a loss of 2750% should be happy?

i was lucky and got out early but a friend still has a second mortgage to contend with.

this board used to have well over 1000 posts a day and was extremely funny and exiting.the main basher was frosty the SNOman who predicted 5 cents. every day or hour(he was wrong it went to 0.001)

if your naive enough to beleive this  farce of a website with unsubstanciated data then buy a 1000$ worth that should bring you 666,000 pieces of toilet paper.we all(the 50 of us thats left) await with baited could however wait until they run out of money(again) then make a takeover bid  and you could own all this wonderful land.think of how much fun the kids could have picking up green garnets and visible gold with the occasional bits of platnium thrown in.......paradise.and a swimming pool to boot!

i apologise for calling you dumb.....CUCKOO is mumore appropriate