snowhead revisited

the events that have taken place in this "company" should be made into a movie(a farce of course),

they won a settlement of app $875000 and are in the process of sucking it dry on 4 salaries.they have the audacity to try and raise another $125000 on the public market on the assumption that one is born every minute.the new website is so ammaturish it was obviosly done by a 13 year old on a school project.

it looked  like a forward move when patterson resigned and appointed a reputable new president who took a look around and resigned in 3 weeks.all thro this fiasco bobby boy still provided managerial and administrive services at around $34000 a year(2 years ago figures)

now the website is stating that ticho(our great big hole in the ground ,a fine skating rink now) has always shown visible gold at 20grams.why were they running around avoiding the gold and picking up green garnets?(green garnets are a sure sign of diamonds)

its like when athletes are caught on steroids,lies lies lies lies lies!

finaly whatever happend to our geologist wee genifer?she was sent of into the tundra to find more green garnets and i hope they didnt leave her there.

all this is only my opinion of course,and im slightly biased