Great Great Hunting can now be had for $0.015 !!      1.5 cents !

Yet another new 52 week low !

And employee options were forced by the SEC to be repriced to 10 cents from 5 cents, which at least aligns us shareholders with employees a bit better !  I am relieved, however, that SNO filed their financials on time !  Woo Hoo !!

I am not going to bottom fish on this one anymore, as my great great hunting wheelbarrow is already full of carp; algae eaters and dead catfish.... and being pushed along by a sucker fish - me.    I have a full wheelbarrow of goldfish that are in suspended animation as well until the SEC allows them to trade again and the wheelbarrow there will either be 1/2 as full of flopping goldfish as I orignally hunted, or .... we can always hope ... be reinvigorated with an electroshock.    My bet is that 1/2 my bottom fish there will die, though.

My wheelbarrows really stink at the moment.   

Great, Great Hurting