Snowfield's Paterson resigns as president, CEO

2012-08-10 16:50 ET - News Release


Mr. William Robinson reports


Robert Paterson has resigned as president and chief executive officer of Snowfield Development Corp.

The board of directors has appointed William Robinson as president and chief executive officer of Snowfield with immediate effect.

Mr. Paterson has assumed the positions of director and non-executive chairman, and will continue to provide managerial and administrative services to the company.

The board wishes to extend its appreciation to Mr. Paterson, as founder of Snowfield, for his 26 years of service to the company.

Mr. Robinson stated: "I look forward to helping Snowfield move in a new direction with improved communication to its current and future shareholder base. The company's annual audit is currently under way and we will be organizing the company to begin future exploration on its mineral properties."