2013-02-21 09: 34

STOCKHOLM (Bloomberg) the political risk in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan have risen lately.

The mean oil exploration company Shamarans Managing Director Pradeep Kabra, in an interview with the news agency Directly.

"I do not consider that the political risk in the region has increased, even in the short term. The political risk has always been there and if something has fallen compared with 2-3 years ago. And compared with six months ago is the same. I believe in a comprehensive settlement between all the parties involved where both Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan are involved. It is the only way to go to end-although we are at an impasse right now, "he says.

As regards the Kurdish plans to build two pipelines to Turkey is the general assessment that becomes a reality in the end, according to Pradeep Kabra.

"As part of the bigger picture, I think in the end it becomes of. But when it will happen is hard to foresee."

Shamarans CEO think nevertheless that Iraq's new oljelag will be approved by the country's Parliament to end.

"The oil law is in the Parliament and will hopefully be approved sometime. It will be part of a larger solution between the parties, "said CEO.

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