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The AT-3 well should spud in mid-March to early April – that will give them enough time to make the necessary repairs. 

Regarding the development plans, our new partner is suggesting that we consider building a larger production facility than we have proposed initially – so that discussion is ongoing because there are pros and cons to both – once an agreement is reached then we will submit it for approval by the KRG – timing is a little difficult to predict – but we are certainly aiming to have things well underway this year. Also, every news release we do has to go through the approval process. 

I’ve requested that Pradeep be interviewed which will hopefully provide an update to everyone. 

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There has been delays to the spud of AT-3 due to weather conditions, as well as delays in the building of the production facility. It seems as mentioned by Sophia that TAQA would like to build larger facilities. We have also been given rumors from different sources that Pradeep will be interviewed soon as to give a status update. 

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P.s. When do you think the turnover in canada is going to grow??