Here you go boys! F Baghdad, not even with sugar ontop Exxon would stay it apears


ExxonMobil visited ChamChamal today to set up a camp 

A delegation from Exxon along with KRG officials from oil department, today Wednesday, visited the Kirkuk district of Chamchamal, preparations are underway to setup a camp in the district. 

According to the news crew from (NRT) TV, today Exxon visited the (Kani Kuchala) village, where Exxon is working on setting up a camp which is 3 KMs away from the district of Chamchamal, in order to start their operations in the Exxon block of Qara Hanir. 

NRT reveals that from next week the exploration work will begin at the Qara Hanjir block. 

NRT crew tried several times to get a briefing from the Exxon delegation in Chamchamal, but the security team accompanying the delegation told the TV crew that "due to the sensitivity of the subject, you are not allowed to talk to the delegation" thus our camera was forced to stop from taking any videos by the security team. 

On the other hand NRT spoke to the Mayor of Chamchamal who revealed that KRG has allocated 60 Dunams (6 hectares) of land for Exxon in the village of Kani