Hehe who is telling us a lie? Bagdad or KRG?


Bagdad is full of BS i say



During a press conference held today in Erbil, between the Kurdistan PM and the new Bulgarian consul, Nechirvan announced that the supermajor Exxon will continue its work in Kurdistan and said they have received reassurance from the company's CEO, the question was asked by a local news agency.
The confirmation was received during a recent meeting between Kurdistan autonomous region Barzani and Exxon's CEO in Davos.
President Barzani Meets with Chevron Vice President in Davos
Davos, Switzerland (KRP.org) – President Barzani met with Chevron’s Global Head of Business Development Mr. Jay Pryor on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the company’s operations in the Kurdistan Region.
Mr. Pryor said the company had made a great deal of progress in the short time that it has been working in Kurdistan. He also expressed his company’s gratitude for the warm reception and cooperation from the KRG.
Mr. Pryor emphasized Chevron’s commitment to a long-term partnership with the KRG and said the company had a strong desire to expand its activities in the Kurdistan Region.
Commending the decision to work in Kurdistan, President Barzani assured Mr Pryor of the Region’s support for the US oil giant’s efforts. He said the relationship had a bright future and that it would be beneficial for both Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole.
During the meeting, Mr Pryor was informed that Chevron’s bid for the Qara Dagh exploration area has been successful, and that a contract would soon be finalised. 
Mr Pryor presented President Barzani with Chevron’s annual corporate calendar, which this year features historic photographs of Kurdistan selected from archive of Anthony Kersting at London’s Courtauld Institute.
President Barzani thanked Chevron for the sincere interest in and research into Kurdistan’s history and culture.