Swedish oil, we have like 190 million shares in Sweden now, it has increased from less than 100

million in a couple of months i think. So canada has 600+million shares, The Lundins have 150 million shares (20%) and alot is hold by big players in canada, in Sweden its mostly small savers that have SNM and they trade for a quick buck while in canada they just wait, just like me :)



I have a friend who is a geologist and i handed him the RPS energy document and The corporate presentations. Ill google translate his response, if it dosnt make any sense (lost in translation) he says atrush probobly is much lager than shaikan




"Ok, read the report. Much as I don't hang on, when they come into the economy, etc.
The geology is really exciting in Atrush with a fault line that cuts a antiklinal. What happens then is that the amounts of oil traps are developed. According to their model so would oil matured and emigrated (medial) to ancient lina len at roughly the same time as the fault developed. This means in turn that we find both oil within ancient lina in the porous layers together in the same storage fixed out fault. This in itself is not complicated but it's not know but that they drilled. We can make assessments based on seismiken but never be really sure.
I understand they have done almost all the correlation based on well in the Shaikan-1b. Atrush antique rope len is much larger and should therefore contain more. The kvaliteen of oil is heavy crude oil to medium crude oil. After all, it is quite ok. But the volumes are quite sanlösa actually when you consider the.

Those with dual porosity is a unit that has the primary porosity, arising from deposits, and secondary porosity tex at the cracks. It is said to be quite good in the dolomitiska limestone which acts as reservoarbergart in this case."