Okay thanks, guys. BTW, we have something like 28 million SNM in Sweden, today, 19 million were traded. Canada has something like 150 million SNM, today 1.6 million were traded. See what I mean, the action overe here is insane!

Who spoon feeds your investors? Here we have a bunch of boards which are super active, which I would say are the primary driver. Then of course, if the large media business networks write something, it goes even more insane. Today, for SNM in Sweden it has mainly been the bullboards. Just a few small notes about the TAQA deal.

My guess on when and if a sale would take place? The Lundin's (it's a family dynasty) have many extremely successful years in the oil&gas businesses behind them. At previous sales they have been very well paid. They are all super rich, and it's not like they'll grab whatever's offered. They can wait till they are satisfied, as well as their shareholders. My guess is it will take some time, and it'll cost TAQA a lot. They might even decline, if they think that is better business.