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Another copy paste from swedish placera forum
"Good evening Shamaraner

I found something interesting when I was looking for something new on the Bakrman the well East of Atrush. Cut up the whole thing hereunder, you can see the "new" (spoiler below)?

"Atrush Discovery (GEP) 
Discovery well: Atrush-1 (2011) 
Reservoirs: Cretaceous,Jurassic,Triassic Resources: 513 mmbbls (contingent) + 146 mmbbls (prospective) 
Production: 30,000 bopd EPF by Q2 2013. Estimate 8000 bopd. 

Atrush-2 PTD 1750m (Butmah) 
Spud May 2012. Susp Sept 2012 
3 DSTs conducted over BSAM reservoir (Jurassic) aggregate 42,000 bopd (27 API). 
Additional tests in Butmah (1450 bopd) and Adiayah (650 bopd) heavy oil. 
3D seismic acquistion completed August " 


Seems that the Atrush-1 using a ESP might deliver pretty good (30 kbpd) or how ...!? Not unexpectedly, of course, because the oil is below the At-1, At-2 communicating but everyone has to

Source is Westerzagros, their version of Kurdistan and Northern Iraq
Operator Activity Map October 2012


The map gives f. e a specific illustration of what further resurspotential a good result in Bakrman-1 would give (if reservoaregenskaper is similar to Atrush).