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Re: ShaMaran-Breaking News? 2012-11-13 11: 44: 41
On the question of how much oil Atrush (ShaMarans's share should be 20 percent of Atrush) can contain and what their share could be worth, one can respond in various ways.

1. after the Atrush-1 did McDaniel Associates an assessment that it could count on 513 million barrels (Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, Adayiah layers) in the quota relating to Resources and 146 million barrels (Cretaceous and Jurassic Butmah) of Prospective Resources. This is the most accurate at the moment because it enshrines the independence party.

2. After this the Atrush-2 borrats and further proved the distribution, high porosity, high permeability, high flow, deeper oil column in Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, that stocks are communicating and Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, probably oil-bearing all the way from head to toe. It has also accounted for flows from Adayiah and Butmah. Indications from reservoartrycket to Adayiah and Butmah is part of the oil column reported. This will mean a considerable uppvärderingar of the previous assessment from McDaniel Associates. The upgrading will also depend on what 3D seismiken delivers for the image of the whole field. My personal advice is that we will land between 2-5 billion barrels at the next resource update of Atrush-bar (with continued great uppsida).

3. in order to understand the potential, one should read the assessment of Atrush made by RPS Energy before the Atrush-1 was put into reverse.
http://ca.hotstocked.com/docs/shamaran_petroleum_corp/material_do cument_english/00443045/index.html
Since then, the two wells borrats that has proved Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, Adayiah and Butmah.
RPS Energy as peak (P10, see tab 4: 8) reported the following resource in each level:
Sarmord (hanging wall) 3 billion barrels
Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, (hanging wall) 5 billion barrels
Butmah (hanging wall) 1.8 billion barrels
Sarmord (foot wall) 2,1 billion barrels
Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, (foot wall) 5.8 billion barrels
Butmah (foot wall) 8.9 billion barrels
Kurra Chine (foot wall) 3.4 billion barrels
These figures give an extremely optimum ratio, but the Barsarin, Sargelu, Alan-mouse, (hanging wall) so far shown in Wells Atrush-1 and Atrush 2 suggest an almost optimal ratio of at least those layers. Since oil was found also in Butmah and Adayiah, as well as to Atrush-1 showed the oil indicator in Kurra Chine, as investors thought the potential. But sum up in the best of worlds with the wind behind them in the back, ideal geology and jokernummer felt RPS Energy that it was possible to Atrush total reservoirs could contain up to 30 billion barrels of oil.

Three ways to look at the field. The official found on paper (based on 1 pound and 2-d seismic), considered as the closest waits (based on 2 wells and 3D seismic) and Nirvana. The truth about Atrush lies somewhere between these extremes.

Moreover, I am of the opinion that the Atrush extends far beyond the Atrush-block boundaries, but that is another story that I ältat in other posts.

Bid on ShaMaran teaches is based on reserves and declared resources, the Board will, however, look sharp on the future potential before accepting the bid. It is thus very difficult to say how much ShaMarans's share would be worth today. But TAQA put bids on the Aspect Energy's share in Atrush we get at least the market a benchmark to relate to.