Its just a swedish guy with an old friend in kurdistan who he went down to visit.

He has had SNM since early 2012 so i dont se an reason why he would write that he will go down there, write this three weeks ago

All Shamaraner,
I mentioned last week that I was down and visit an old friend who is now a businessman in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan, perhaps some of you remember.
Is down now in Iraqi Kurdistan.His company, the flower starts to enter in great Scot. It is built for full of shopping centres, houses, luxury Hoteler, factories, highways, skyskrappor, huge plantations of various gröddor, etc., they are almost a mini Dubai that is about to happen down here. I am personally chokad of what is happening right now down here. But yet, so we went in this morning, early in the morning to Atrush. I can say this same oil found in the Atrush-1 is also the same oil that floats in the Atrush-1 according to all that I have spoken today, including some Kurds who jobbad with the bore in the Atrush 1-2 down here. More I will not disclose. At the drilling site is prohibited due to the death took lots of reasons. And later today, maybe we'll visit the Shaikan field.

And then the post i posted yesterday, off course there is a posibility that he is lying but i think not...

Here are all of his post in the swedish shamaran forum

Maybe he could upload some photos to show that he has been down there, ill se what i can do.