A guy went down to kurdistan a couple of weeks ago this is what he came back with

Patience is key as Timespay said

11 november 2012


"Hello all Shamaraner,

When are you back from a long, hot summer holiday, first a week in Kurdistan for two-and-a-half with the girl in Mexico, incredibly nice. Must almost to apologize for my absence. After Kurdistan vacation so I had and the girl booked a holiday in Mexico. I had promised to come back with more info about Kurdistan visit and especially visiten at Atrush field.

Here is a brief analysis of Atrush visit:
I can say this, after seeing the Atrush field in the real world, I can sleep well at night now. Both in terms of safety and the amount of oil they will report in a PM et at the end of the year. I thought really that many here that Shamaran already had gathered clear all data on the amount of oil in Atrush and above all for the Atrush-1. It turned out that we had total failure when it came to this. I, polaren and his National Lampoon had really lucky the day we visited the Atrush field, whenever we saw someone so we went back and asked a lot of questions about Atrush oil and almost all seemed familiar, even shepherds. Some people could even part on the Shaikan field, but I had little interest in. They were lively activity, I have to say on the Atrush field. We saw the field workers, trucks carrying pipes, Americans, Englishmen and a mass of iron bars with different numbers, which were at different distances in the ground.

According to all the involved civilians, our guide, Kurdish politicians in the region and including 4 persons who worked with. the bore in the Atrush-1 and the one that worked with the bore in the Atrush-2 project was 110% sure that it was the same oil below the Atrush-1 and Atrush 2. Three of the five oljearbetarna was also the day where it found oil in the Atrush-1, they also mentioned that the pressure was extreme.
Of course so did we mention the most important question of them all. the amount of oil beneath the Atrush-1 and what they thought about the volume. All of the five oil workers replied that it was not ready yet because of the huge volume, and that it was still in process.

Oil drills also mentioned that notice of the oil volume is never given to oljearbetarna. They were told at the stock market. But on the other hand, had to determine the clearance of data collection, and it was not clear when.
They reiterated time and again that it was the largest oil field it has ever experienced in Northern Kurdistan. They also compared the Atrush with Al Kabeer Burgan field which currently exist in Kuwait. Worst oljearbetarna believed that there were 8.5 billion barrels in Atrush as WORST and best between 13 to 19 billion barrels!!
All of the five oil workers, plus our guide was convinced that the Atrush could become Northern Kurdistan's largest oil field. Which was incredibly gratifying to hear. Personally, I think that we can have the worst 5 billion barrels in Atrush field, this implies that Shamarans share the worst could be 1 billion barrels when it owns 26.7% or if it later becomes 20%. Another issue that we had to answer to was that the Atrush-3 was almost complete, fully assembled and ready to begin its maiden voyage into the ground now at the end of november or beginning of december.
They were forbidden to come near the Atrush-1 drilling locations due to various causes. Of course took a lot of speed on the Atrush area, but alas, no visible oil drills on the cards, as they were too far away, is visible just a bunch of shepherds, iron bars, trucks and some rocks here and there. Wizard pointed out to us which way that Atrush-1,2 and 3. On the other hand, I could see with binoculars Atrush 1,2, high activity and a lot of large iron poles probably future Atrush-4,5, 6 ... etc. Around Atrush-3 showed a bunch of oil workers, trucks, trucks, cars and a lot of people.

Our guide told us that farmers during Saddam time found some oil both a couple of miles northwest and East of Atrush-1 2 in man been looking for groundwater and that oil reserves were much more common a few km northwest of Atrush-1 IE near Swara Tika. Now I understand anyway why Shamaran want to produce oil from Atrush-1 and Atrush 2 which has extreme much more in flux than Atrush-1.

My personal view on the stock at the announcement of the Pm: et

Quantity of oil: what I personally believe.

Worst: 5 billion

Medium: 9 billion

Best: 13 billion

Saw that OHM has begun to sell some shamaran shares, I can say this, they know as much as we know about oil supply. The volume is still in process!!

If I have time I would like to respond to your questions this week!

This year's Christmas gift to me is Shamaran.