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News Release | June 14, 2013
Saturn Minerals Inc.
In the Media

Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Saturn has been featured in an article in Resource World magazine titled "Saturn Minerals Drills for Coal and Finds Oil".

Additionally, one of our directors was interviewed at the recent World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver by Resource Investing News. 

To read the article and watch the full interview, please follow the links below.

Resource World Magazine
"Saturn Minerals Drills for Coal and Finds Oil"
LINK - http://www.saturnminerals.com/i/media/13.05.01-ResourceWorld-SaturnMineralsDrillsforCoalandFindsOil.pdf

Resource Investing News
"Saturn Minerals" (stereo enabled only)
LINK - http://resourceinvestingnews.com/57042-inn-video-stefan-szary-of-saturn-minerals-inc.html

About Saturn Minerals Inc.

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSX.V: SMI) (FSE: SMK) is a junior Canadian energy company advancing a portfolio of oil and coal properties in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The Company owns 370,000 acres of exclusive oil & gas rights in Saskatchewan and is advancing a number of oil exploration projects.  Saturn has also made three shallow bituminous coal discoveries since 2009 with coal seams ranging in continuous vertical thickness from 9 to 89 meters.  Saturn has a strategic ownership in Inowending Exploration & Development Corp., a First Nations owned exploration and development company co-founded by Saturn with a consortium of Saskatchewan First Nations active in Canada’s prairie provinces.

To learn more, please contact the Company at +1 (604) 685-6989 or visit: www.saturnminerals.com