Sorry I made you made you mad ..

i look for brighter days and blue skies ahead...  Tough market!     I will share a story...most investors ..(you, me and tennis) who invest in junior companies. Like smi and gxs are not holding the  company when and if it matures.... Because we bought at 6 12 22 26.  We get so excited  when it doubles triples we get out.... And than the smart money comes in.... Because we are holding the stock and watching it and analyzing every trade...step back and wait and trust... We and I mean we (self included) need  not to analyze everything... How many who bought gxs at 20 cents were holding at 20 bucks ????   CNq came on the market at 10 cents... Those shares are now 600 dollars after being split so many times...

with smi the play has been set ... Let us wait.... Adam can you imagine buying the financing of gxs at 11.50 like 4 years ago!!  Than you certainly should be upset. 

Enjoy your day .  Tennis it is snowing here .  I am having a snow day!