shares between us at .175

I have often wondered why management put open a pp at .15 when the stock was holding at .20. I called but no one could tell me anything I understood, now people are being encouraged to sell by the pumpers here and we arent even holding the offer price.

Cant say I am happy now....

No news on seiesmic or drilling I have to agree it could be another wasted year. I heard last year all we have to do is shop around the coal resouce and people will be kicking in the door to drill for us. 

This seems to be what the other guy said dejavu.

All we are asking for is a presidents update or some kind of news. The thing tese guys seem to forget is they work for us, not the other way around. When there is no income and salaries are coming out of PP money they have an obligation to investors. 5 days up on the tsx and we are going down????And the pumpers are pushing peple to sell, whats wrong with you morons