Smi will the the darling of the venture exchange in 2013.  Not because  of the coal.   (Which is still there)

Not because of the oil.  (which we will find.)

It  is because of Inowending.


This manegement has  had the  foresight to partner with the First Nations in the area.  Any development  that takes place will  happen with their blessing and partnership.

Idle no more?   You aint seen nothin yet!  Once  this movement takes hold, anybody who wants to dig an outhouse hole  will have to get First Nations permission.    Nothing scares off investors or partners like uncertainty.  Soon, banks and others would rather invest in Syria than Canada, which used to  have political certainty!   You watch who is going to control the  resources in the coming years.  

We are WAY ahead of the curve.  Line up NOW to get  SMI (and Inowending)  or be prepared to be blockaded......