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Saturn Minerals Inc V.SMI

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Saturn Minerals Inc ia an exploration stage company engaged in acquiring, exploring, evaluating and developing economically viable energy and resource deposits in Canada. It is focused on exploration of its coal and oil & gas properties in Canada.
Price: $0.22 | Change: +$0.02 | %Change: +10.00%
Volume: 92,500 | Day High/Low: 0.22/0.195 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.23/0.065

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stockhouse .145

I saw this close up what gives hey calumet are you the same as EL you talk the talk do you have 2 user ids more? less?  rate and reply
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RE:On the subject

Jentai, spoken like a true gentleman. I bought in at 17 to 11 cents.  Fortunately I am now in the money. Good luck to you.  I take offense to Adam who posts incinuations about others character.  rate and reply
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On the subject

I have known Stan and his son Stefan for the past five years when my wife and I were "invited" to invest in Saturn. I always have been impressed by their work ethic and their total commitment to...read more
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WOW Thats mean Goes to your charachter I guess.  rate and reply
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I aint bashing anyone I just want clarification before I invest. At .06  I cant remember what was going on then, but now they have done 3 raises, have cash in the bank and a new IR firm IR brings new...read more
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Slime like you Adam ooze under the door.  No character is what you have!  rate and reply
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What are you talking about? I posted the link for the whole article! I did nothing wrong. Are you trying to slander me?  rate and reply
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Adam why the quote even included with Stans name when the context was clearly about Wilson buying the jewellery in the article..?? Clearly had nothing to do with him yet you attempt to create a...read more
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Adan from what I have read on your posts you have bashed this stock, management, and everyone who believed in it. why are you buying now?  Why wouldn't you be buying at 6 cents?  What is different now...read more
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Saturn Minerals

Now that they are flush up we should see a plan of action. I'd say we see something solid in the next 2 weeks. Perhaps a company presentation and a drilling plan with VECTOR. I may just have to buy...read more
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Hey is this the same guy Another former Wilson business partner corroborates the claim. "I was friends with Stan Szary. And I saw the invoices. I saw invoices for jewelry that were all being run...read more
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Stan Szary, President & CEO, Director Of SMI...a very honest man to say the least. I must say that I am a bit concerned with the ongoing dilution of shares. On the under hand they need some serious...read more
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who is Stan?  Gag order?  Quiet end to the week.  ET give us some hope!!!!  rate and reply
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after all the huffing and puffing, no chat. Looks like Stan has a "gag-order" out.  Can't risk having the share price move up.  rate and reply
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RE:elsayt you there, my question is for you

I wonder where ET is and no response.  ET PHONE HOME!  Maybe he sold and left?  Maybe ET is a director!  Maybe a contractor?  Maybe ET is the Scarlett Pimpernell.  "They seek him here, they seek him...read more
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elsayt you there, my question is for you

As you are bullish almost everyday and say you are buying all the time the shareS you own must be in the millions if not 10s of millions by now. I mean to say you say you buy very often. My question...read more
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Saturn Receives Final Approval and Closes Flow-Through and Oversubscribed Non Flow-Through Private Placements VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2014) - Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSX...read more
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4.4 million shares

I didnt read it was it at .20 for 880 000.00? Cant drill much with that want a more prmising to bagger check out tmx symbol alv trading at close to cash value, 1.03 with 85 million shares outstanding...read more
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Interesting comment on value.  Someone just bought 4.4 million shares in a pp that closed.   They must feel some value.  Maybe Et bought it all!  rate and reply
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This is very likely over-valued at present. All that is driving the price now is speculation about what "may" be discovered. Nothing tangible yet, only speculation.  rate and reply