Why did AJAX want to get in bed with Simba? Mr shargar must be real Pi55ed after seeing the passive results that Simba terminated with them.

He knows the oil is there and fancied his chances.. After all his company did the passive seismic survey. These guys are the masters of their own devices and with a big success rate too.

thanks Ajax for making it plain obvious why you wanted to get in bed with Simba. Because there is plenty of oil. 

If he saw nothing then Sharger would not have proposed a multi million deal. Even the blind could see that. Proposing to Committing in excess of 35 million on a virgin block is by no means a punt. It is a very calculated investment proposal based on the passive seismic  survey shargar and his team carried out. Must be one hell of an oil seep the Tarbaaj oil seep running through Simbas block.