The timing is bang on for Liberia PSC and  any amount of money shall not stop SMB from getting that PSC.

Big payouts for Nocal from Simba will come from its partner/s and only after simba has determined via seismic etc that there is any oil onshore just like Pepper did 3D offshore, and Exxon picked that Tab---oo.

Exxon and Chevron will not deter this lion or come in its way as BULLYS since simba has done and worked with Chris Neyor/Nocal in GOOD FAITH negotiating for that block.

Simba is not talking about controversal Block 13 ,its onshore and  that no one had any interest in it. Jim has spent many weeks/months with UL students and Simba has scientists & teachers and  might recruit some of them going forward after PSC grant.

Not to mention the HUMANITARIAN Aids from Simba, I have not forgotten that.