I just finshed reading some of AOI's old news relases from 2007, 2008, 2009

For one thing...AOI was doing 0.95 cent PPs....35 million shares a pop...and rasied 70 million dollars in 2 tranches. 

  They have always been flush in cash since 2009....and thats how they not only purchased the best properties....but have been able to JV those properties and pay part of the drill costs. 

  They have done multiple PPs at around 1.00 a share...raising probably 300 million dollars.

  So..stop saying we are the next AOI. SMB has 300 million shares...and we sit at 10 cents. So we can raise another 10 million dollars by doing another 100 million share PP ?

Yea...if we keep this up...we'll have 1/5 a billion shares and will be a 2 cent stock. 

  We can't wait till "Probably 2014" 

It doesn't look or smell good.