Lots of questions not enough answers coming from Kenya, not even AOI or Tullow are dancing on the ceiling.

taipan no jv announced yet, simba no news on seismic and taipan , and afren,? Afren wants to sell its east Africa blocks to concentrate on west Africa.

the last 2 news releases were very wishy washy for my liking from aoi and tullow. Maybe we have political sensitivity surrounding the elections in march. The more noise that comes from foreign oil explorers the more the chances that they will be upsetting the opposition parties and that will be seen as supporting the current government. This will not benefit oil explorers in any way whatsoever to be aiding and crediting the current political powers. They need to keep a balance and keep very quiet. That is why I feel simba is holding out from announcing a major partner until after March 4th. If simba announce simba run the risk of crediting the current government who may use the news to its advantage that we the government have attracted another major.

where would that leave simba if a new government came in? I think with so much oil found in,Kenya and so many majors eying Kenya, CNOOC and Exxon etc in particular this will weigh heavily on the political spectrum.

now is not the time to be making noise in Kenya infact the opposite. Keep quiet and keep away until the elections are over.