I’m very fortunate live on a relatively quite cul-de-sac with big homes and large land lots. We have many good neighbors and friends on our street but we also have a couple of jerks. One of the jerks lets his big dog run free all the time. When his dog leaves a mess on our lawn big jerk doesn’t pick it up. Big jerk’s dog likes dig in my gardens, charge people and attack other dogs and animals. When you suggest to big jerk that he should do what the law requires of him and keep his dog on a lead his response is “Nope, I’m not doing that.”  When you ask him to clean up his dog’s mess he claims it’s not his dog that made the mess, even when we are both standing there watching the dog foul up my lawn.



            Today, I looked out the big bay window on my second floor of my house and I could see a rabbit lying in the snow on another neighbor’s lawn. All of a sudden big jerk’s dog comes flying out of nowhere and grabs the rabbit and starts shaking it violently I hear the rabbit shrieking and big jerk laughing out loud as he cheers his dog on. The neighbor whose lawn the rabbit was lying on comes out of her house to see what all the commotion is and starts yelling at the dog to drop the rabbit. She then runs back to her house and comes out with a broom and it looks like she’s going to hit the dog with the broom. The dog, with the rabbit still in its mouth, takes off to cross the street and it is instantly hit by a speeding car; please remember I live on a cul-de-sac. Picture this horror on a nice sunny winter’s day. One dead rabbit on the side of the road, one dying dog trapped underneath the car that hit it then drove over it, a yelling, screaming and crying big jerk that now is in the face of driver of the car yelling obscenities. The driver of the car is also a neighbor of ours and big jerks only friend on the street. Well words soon fail these two geniuses and big jerk number one punches big jerk number two in the face. The fight is on! It’s not a long battle as neither one is in good shape. A flurry of activity for about twenty seconds followed what looked liked two minuets of slow dancing performed by tweedle-dee-dee and twedle-dee-dumb; both jerks have shaved their heads so that the world can tell how tough they are.

            Well I guess someone called the cops, because they showed up. Big jerk number one gets taken away and is apparently charged with assault. Big jerk number two receives and fails the roadside test so off he goes in another cop car.

            I’ve never seen anything like it, everybody got what they deserved: Big jerk’s rabbit killing, lawn fouling dog is finally on a lead somewhere in doggy heaven. Big Jerk number one’s wife is talking about moving away and Big jerk number two who everyone keeps telling to slow down because of all the kids on the street won’t have a car for a year or so, so guess he will be slowing down. It was perfect everybody got what was coming to them.

            I no know what some of you are thinking. How about the rabbit, what did it do to deserve Karma’s wrath? Well rumor has it he was out basking in the sunshine after cheating on his wife.


Warning if can happen on my street it can happen on this bb.