SMB -8.7%

TPN -6.76

VEL -12.07

AOI -2.56

There are only two reasons that SMB closed at .105 and not .11 or .115 and they are Merrill and Instinet. They are the only two who did any selling at .105. Merrill first thing in the morning to create panic, which didn't happen, and Instinet with 34,000 share and the very end of the trading day. They even sold 1,000 shares at .105 with only 2 seconds left in the trading day. With 0 shares on the ask side at .105  and only 9,000 on the ask side at .11 you think that selling at .105 would have been a non issue. To me it looks like someone at Instinet borrowed money to buy SMB and had to cover by the end of the day yesterday. Rosh and Al stop acting so immature and Summeroil calling Paipai a duster; why do those without any clue do most of the posting? Why do you feel free just to make stuff up? Why not try contributing with something useful for a change unless you think the nonsense you post is contributing? In which case I apologize for my remarks, congratulate you for best efforts and would like to let you know that Walmart has a sale on Colouring Books this week; they also have a sale on the Connect the Dot Books but don't buy those they clearly are not meant for you.