The news coming out of Africa Oil's PaiPai well is very discouraging for the junior oil firms working in that ecosystem. Africa Oil's String-of-Pearls oil well concept is no longer validly subsisting with Twiga-1 & PaiPai gas-proned.

Any gas discovery has to be at least 3 trillion cu. ft. to be viable.

In Sept., 2012, Tullow/Apache initially announced a huge gas discovery offshore Kenya at the Mbawa-1 well. However, they subsequently declared it to be non-commercial & was plugged. They pinned their hope on finding oil below, but things look very bleak right now.

Fast forward to 2009, Africa Oil (50%) and CNOOC (50%) drilled AOI's first Bogal-1 oil exploration well in Kenya's Anza basin that came up dry. Although, they found gas, it was also plugged as being non-commercial.

 The bloom is definitely off Kenya.