We know how the warrant system works...we have participated numerous times with Simba and never exercised

the warrants..as there was no such opportunity.  Share price was always down.  I am sure this NR would have been the catalyst or paipai to get the SP above 0.12c or bigger interest from such majors would have done that...but. nevertheless...it didn't happen so no use crying over spilled milk,,,

papa take good care of your B/P...donot stress yourself with name calling cause you are our resident pumper and do not wish  for you to get sick by popping a nerve in your brain.


Hope some day when SIMba performs like AOI...we can all sit back and have a chucle but as of now

we are alll on each others nerve,,,,,,Thanks and happy investing...I miss my friend sumeroil...

Hope he returns when we hit a buck.......