Hey himmler what are you talking about here..??

""""All you dolts do is talk negative with the absence of news,now the other lowlifes that crawl out from under the dungheap to spew foaming garbage when simbas share price is higher are,of course,far worse.""""

Absent of news...ofcourse, there has been no worthy news so far...

Why would the share price be in the decline mode since Sproule report..?  garbage, eh !!!

------------Was bashed by OPL ..

------------And then bashed by the management for repricing the options..

now, sadly, SMB is where it started 3 years ago....0.85c..

We wanted something done long ago..but you guys...the same pro management

were telling us all to "sell and go."....Now start a dialogue....

What is next in the store for Simba...A PP announcement  would be devastating never mind

at a much lower share price ..like 0.05c...and I wonder who would invest..

3 times PP has been fruitless...

How am I bashing or speaking negative here...This is all fact...!!!

than 0.08c would b e devastating