I will agree with you 100% on this statement HeyIrish -

   He does so using the classic tell a little truth and mix in a lot of lies. Not matter what positive event the company announces he finds a way to make it seem like a negative event was reported. For example according to Merlion our property cannot be compared with our neighbor AOI's oil rich properties because they are too far apart. However he has no problem comparing our property to a unsuccessful one in the United States. If you check his posts you'll see he exists only to post on the SMB board which makes him a classic basher/pumper.  He'll bash hard so that the "rot" will continue to a point where he thinks the stock is at or near bottom then he buys the stock. He then pumps the stock using another alias(s) until it reaches his selling point. His range lately has been .11 to .12."

   Now...the only part I am not sure of is who the actual players are. But...the behavior you describe is absolutely occurring with SMB right now. 

  This stock is totally being played right now for the benefit of the PP warrant holders IMO. As far as who is who.....I suspect all who constantly post on this board who are PP holders with a surplus of warrants. Its just obvious IMO. 

  Heck...I've seen it before...and IMO....anyone could be using aliases.....and as far as that goes....Merlion and Blackred could be one in the same IMO. It may not be likely....but it is possible. 

  FWIW...I think someone pointed out that Blackred gets followed by the bashers.( Hmmm...makes one think...huh ?)