Merlion purpose is to shake shares away from weak hands. He does so using the classic tell a little truth and mix in a lot of lies. Not matter what positive event the company announces he finds a way to make it seem like a negative event was reported. For example according to Merlion our property cannot be compared with our neighbor AOI's oil rich properties because they are too far apart. However he has no problem comparing our property to a unsuccessful one in the United States. If you check his posts you'll see he exists only to post on the SMB board which makes him a classic basher/pumper.  He'll bash hard so that the "rot" will continue to a point where he thinks the stock is at or near bottom then he buys the stock. He then pumps the stock using another alias(s) until it reaches his selling point. His range lately has been .11 to .12. Merlion's propaganda campaign is solely to enrich his own pocket and nothing more; I have no problem with that except for the way in which he does it. As I said earlier arguing with him is like wrestling with a pig, you get dirty and he likes it. He loves pointing out when the stock price is on the decline but never mentions the fact that the decline is on weak volume. Half truths are the tools he uses to make some money with Simba. Think about it, what person would hold 60,000 shares in a company they hate and that they believe has no potential of hitting oil. All he is doing is trading SMB for a half penny to a penny and he told you so himself in his posts. I actually think that Merlion has at least a total of three alias on this board. One very negative, one very positive and one that vacillates on Simba all the time. In my opinion this person is suffering from the Goldilocks syndrome. He gets the weak to sell him his shares and to him, "that's just right."