Tim9lives, you sure got that right!  Although the market doesn't seem to be rewarding many stocks/juniors in its current state.  HDY (Hyperdynamics) ran up to $1.20 today but closed at $.86 on nearly 5 million shares!

Its seems like cash is king right now, not many want to leave profits on the table until the overall markets stabilize?  Even decent drilling results from junior Gold stocks aren't getting much reaction these days!

Its funny Tim, you are the only one that even commented on the Guinea deal/news, which is quite relevant to SMB considering its the only company holding any on-shore blocks in that country.  I guess Tullow sees something worthwhile!

(the banter about how much a drill may or may not cost in Kenya or what percentage of a farmout deal who got, seems to be much more "on-point" on this board)   GLTA