What am I missing here. - Tim9Lives

Tim, this is what you're missing. Confidence. The cure to your lack of confidence is knowledge. You need to learn more about business in general and oil explorers in particular. 


The company you're invested in just sent you a message. I read several things into this message:

1) The company I'm invested in  is about to go on a growth spree and will need more people to facilitate that growth.

2) In particular they need high level people from the oil industry.

3) Why do they need these people now? Because we are about to take on a farmout agreement with a larger oil company. We need people who can talk oil with our new partners. For those on this board who have been screaming that we need a top notch oil person, your company agrees with you and is now seeking out the right person.

4) Tim you ask who is going to pay for this new group of people. I say that we already have or are extremely close to closing our farmout agreement and that the funds from that arrangement will pay for the new oil people and propel Simba on to the radar of investors all over the world. First they will notice Kenya then they will notice the rest of our properties.

5) Mostly I read into this nr that our management is doing a great job. They have a good business plan and that they execute this plan with precision. They are not spending money they don't have. They continue to add value to this company and its shareholders.

6) Management realizes its time to hire people to facilitate the change from oil explorer to oil producers.