#2.  The secret life of a wallflower ..
I watched , as she danced the mop across the room , humming the words to , these eyes. I thought how sad, as I  walked  bye, only to find her smiling. I can only imagine , she was happy in her way. People are funny like that, emotions can move you in so many different directions......From the window I watched as  scattered clouds briefly blocked the sun casting large shadows on the ground. I smiled as i walked into the dark presence of those clouds and a quick gust of wind blew them away ....... Mom used to say penny for your thoughts, when my mind wondered . I'm not sure there worth that much, cause she never gave me the money, which was probably a result of never giving her to much information.... She was no mind reader, so i kept some secrets . Is that wrong? I don't think so. My mom wasn't known for discretion, as a matter of fact , she was known for screaming into the phone because if she couldn't see the person she was talking to , they couldn't possibly hear her . When I did call, she was more interested in telling me what my brothers were doing, and then later, call my sister to talk about me. I guessed the logic was between the four children she could get to the truth without asking. ? If your confused , you no how we felt . Talking to her face to face was uncomfortable, because as a child she said , " You can't lie to me. I can see it in your eyes".  I checked in the mirror, and she was right.. I quit calling her when I started screaming back at her. No one wants to turn into there mother, covering everything in the house with doilies, and complaining about dad barbecuing chicken   in the basement. Dad liked," Chicken in a can " Its good for ya.  " Great for family outings, and barbecuing in the basement when it gets to cold outside. . Mom bought lots of stuff in cans, from jam to spam and even "Bacon in a can ".  Dad said " when he had enough empty cans , he would shingle the roof with them to save her money. He was always fixing stuff. One thing Dad couldn't fix was Uncle Glens  glass eye.  As kids driving around with Uncle Glen was a little scary, with only one eye, he would have to spin his head around like an Owl to find the blind spot, which was most of the road.  . Uncle Glen would shake his fist at the guy beside him , and then pop his eye out and yell , " what do you want from me? I only got one eye". His personal favourite was holding it out the window and cursing pedestrians with his evil eye, laughing like a lunatic Shaking his eye, alway made me laugh. Mom  really liked Uncle Glen , until he married moms  sister. Mom said she only married Glen to drive her nuts at family gathering. I had always though mom secretly had feeling for Glen. What those feeling were, was ancient history, but Glen had the power to resurrect the ghosts of a guilty  conscience, and she had no power to stop him, because with only one eye, she couldn't tell when he was lying.. 
.......Glen liked to take all us kids to the public pool. Uncle Glen would toss his eye in the deep end and we would see who could find it . While bringing  it to the surface it fell in the overflow . Uncle Glen said don't worry I'll get a new one . The next day he went to a local discount eyeball supply store and came home with a new eye. Curious to see his new eye, he pulled it out of a box and stuck it in .. It was bigger than the old one , and the wrong colour,  it turned out Uncle Glen was also colour blind... Even though it makes him look like Marty Feldman.. He still wears that eye today. As a conductor for C.P. for 35 years, I'm sure he brought lots of laughs and joy into the lives of so many people.. A tribute is due.
Everyone loved Uncle Glen ..