PLayaa, I am not sure exactly how stupid you are(I'm sure you'll tell me) but if you have not been following SLI is in a legal war for controll of the company(99.99% of all competent CEO's would do almost anything to avoid the courts)know better   and as such they are unabl to raise new funds.(Legal woes do have that affect) Given the current situation the company is on life support(Is this the same company that had around a $300,000,000 market cap and now has no money?)and they have to preserve cash(Would imagine salaries have been slashed to keep the company afloat). Only a total moron would expect them to continue exploration with no cash on handI(Good Point- No Cash -Dead Company).If it takes the judge 7 mnths to make a ruleing(Factors to investigate before proceeding in any court case) then consider what is left of your investment gone I don;t think the company can survive 7 months with no cash injection. I could be wrong though. If the dissidents are worried about the longevity of the company they would try t end this madness rather then drag it out longer then needed.(Last I looked, there was another party beside the dissidents in court who can also put an end to this "madness").