Yes Gold-e-con, I did post something allong those lines. I will stand by what I said, There was an apparent waste of money spent on travel and promotion to the average joe. I also explained in another post why I feel that the spending was justified. Firstly, they are exploring in Peru thus travel is very costly compared with a company exploring in Canada. Secondly the promotion is fully justified based on the level of exploration during teh same period. If you explore and never tell anoyone about it then you have nothing in terms of a share price increase. I have in the past and still today believe that SLI has over granted options. Just my opinion. As far as conflicts of interest with the options go it looks like there MAY be a conflict of interest and you all certainly belive there was HOWEVER the BCSC appartently did not agree! As far as Quantec goes, I should have worded that one better. There is inconsitencies between what SLI has claimed and what others are reporting that Quantec told them. SLI and Lori have been very consistent. Poorly worded the first time... oops. So yes, if I was a dissident I would have reasons to be angry with managment but they certainly would not be the same reasons that you clowns choose to be angry over.  I still  wish you guys the best of luck but I know better than to think you will win. It is over and was over when the rules got broken imo.