I'm concerned, RJ, that it'll be swept from under us while we sit on our butts.

As to value, poster wrote 2 x forward earnings; low, i'd say, and at that valuation, I'd prefer to hold, not sell.

Previous poster suggested x2 and of next year cash flow.
I submit that x4 is more appropriate as it appears to be one the conservative side used by many.  But for this exercise let's be even more conservative and use x 3 .
To this extent, if one was to take the estimated cf for 2013 which sits at .35¢ you get $1.05
However, poster suggested that NEXT year cash flow should be used for the analysis. Said cash flow estimate sits at 0.58¢ times it 3 and you get : $1.74
Take your pick, but one might suggest that the conservative take out number should be between $1.05 and $1.75.
Just a thought.