Certainly adds to the worry, eternalsell.

Current price action might be reflective of strike action mentioned, or might reflect financing at 50 cents a share, or both !

Either way, the value of the resource base of this company suggests to me that they will be able to find the dollars / pounds required to bring Breagh on stream, with the only question being the cost of that money.

Also wonder whether, if there is a stop to Breagh work because of RWE strike action, whether RWE would be considered responsible for 'damages' to SLG - surely a strike is not an act of gwad, but rather the result of RWE attempting to achieve its wage objectives, regardless of the damages to its customers, joint venturers, suppliers etc.

Depending of the type of contract they have, but pretty standard in business to declare force majeure in case of a strike disturbing operation, and this eliminates or drastically reduces  liabilities.
The real issue and more perplexing puzzling question for me is how come IIROC did not step in to Halt this stock when it drop 20% + in the day, let alone asked the Corporation to come forward and issue a statement.
There is an obvious circuit breaker that did not kick in and IIROC is accountable here.
That aside, it is still puzzling to understand why such an exodus and what triggered it. Makes no sense to me and I sure would like to hear from this sore excuse claimed to be Management Team. More like hired Gigolos who have loss total control of this play in my opinion.
What a disaster, buy or hold? Given the bloodbath, I might swallow the pill and try to average somewhat tomorrow, hoping that I am not throwing good money after bad - for this sure as heck looks very cheap now, but hearing from one the clowns to provide some indication as to what's going on would be a tad more comforting.
Talk about shareholder value destruction!
(Shaking head in disbelief.)