wow who announces a financing and doesn't have the details worked out yet. You know it won't be for more than .80 cents now. It looks like they are driving down the price on purpose. What a disaster! They would have to issue 57 million shares to get the $45 million they are shooting for and then an additional 9 million shares(15%)more to pay the banks!! Wow and they expect to close all of this on or before November 27th.

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago some analyst came out and said they needed to do a financing. The company responded and said that wasn't the case and would only do that as a last resort and there were so many other options and things going on behind the seens and then they made it sound like their money problems were over when they sold a portion of their off shore block to exxon but knowing full well they would have to go to the market.

We made a new 52 week low today. We actually made a multi year low today!!!


The last agm was on May 31. I wonder if gas will be following from Breagh before May 31 2013???

What happened to the rig? Haven't they started drilling eugenia? It was suppose to drill eugenia next was it not? Are they paying for the rig to sit there?