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Stream Oil & Gas Ltd V.SKO

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  SOGAF

Stream Oil & Gas Ltd through its subsidiary, Stream Oil & Gas (CI) Ltd., is engaged in the business of exploring and developing oil and gas properties in the country of Albania. It currently operates five producing and exploration oil and gas properties.
Price: $0.42 | Change: $-0.005 | %Change: -1.18%
Volume: 2,000 | Day High/Low: 0.42/0.42 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.72/0.415

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RE:PMI market too high compared too SKO.

Does anybody know when they are completing the gas well. They were supposed to test the well in June. TIA  rate and reply
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PMI market too high compared too SKO.

PMI market Cap. @of 230 million-no production SKO market cap. of 30 million- currently a 1000 BOED Whats wrong with this picture? One is for sure undervalued. Tank  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Perfect time to invest in SKO

randomexplore, you obviously miss the big picture. You have the speculation from PMI and the production from SKO. You choose.  rate and reply
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RE:PE of 15 times one quarter

The market is waiting for the results from Delvina. If they are good, the stock will jump.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:the tank do you work for the company?

If the problems are only operational why don't they fire the COO?  rate and reply
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RE:the tank do you work for the company?

Where is the auditors report that your talking about? I ask for some facts.  I'm fine with negatives and sko has had many negatives on the operational side over the last 2 years.  Show me the sedar...read more
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the tank do you work for the company?

you keep pumping, state the company is... are you saying the auditors are wrong?  rate and reply
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RE:when is annual meeting

Inspector Clouseau,  your right about the cfo quit (but he was a glorified no body, and one director left)  they may not be on your schedule but they aren't late on filings.  Feel free to goto Sedar...read more
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when is annual meeting

they are over due to post annual meeting and circular. directors resigning, cfo quitting, public information late in sedar postiing. not the signs of a going concern  rate and reply
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RE:Perfect time to invest in SKO

You would have to be a dreamer to invest. You have no facts, just a hunch because you want to sell your stock high. I would love to short this stock. NAV blah, same story for 5 years stock production...read more
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Perfect time to invest in SKO

This is like a dream scenario for any new shareholders.  The stock is trading 10% of NAV and they're about to finish off their drilling.  If your still negative a bit then put your bid at 43 cents...read more
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RE:Please explain...

Neither of those companies (PMI and BNK) had a smooth ride over the past 5 years.  Their stocks have recently been boosted by some operational success.  The same potential is there for SKO if it can...read more
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Please explain...

why are the value of all these other companies in Albania increasing in value except for Stream oil and gas.  rate and reply
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RE:Beware the end is near

So if Albania is such a bad place to invest why is Shell/PMI investing millions their?  Also if the properties in Albania that were granted are such a risk why did PMI just go up 5 times and Bankers...read more
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Beware the end is near

Based on the audited statements this is not a going concern. I see zero stock price coming but it should double from there. John T. has not advanced the last $2 million nor bought any stock in five...read more
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PE of 15 times one quarter

It looks like the penny pinchers are squeezing the weak hands on this one.  I just love how bad the market is for juniors of any resource.   Take your time and buy this bad boy.  The market is usually...read more
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RE:OTC most of the issues are with being in ALbania

i see big potential here. The market cap is so low. They lag operationally, but any news on the gas would send this lot higher - an easy double. I also heard that Balsh-Hekal field is lot more...read more
5 stars

OTC most of the issues are with being in ALbania

Most of the hold up is due to changing gov't and slow growth in infrastructure needed to support gas field.  You've sold so move on and don't worry about sko as Tognetti is happy to increase his...read more
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RE:RE:Pessimism running wild

Death spiral? This company is a joke.  Production is down.  Nothing but delays and excuses.  Total liabilities increased from from $47.5m to $67.5mm year-over-year.  How do you spend that much and...read more
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2013 reserve report

http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1332005/stream-announces-2013-reserve-report  rate and reply