Yup I talked to the  CFO/investor relations just before xmas.  Things are headed in the right direction.  He talked about improving the promotion and having a steady stream of news releases in 2013.  This will be the year of stream or stream will go down to 50 cents.   Lots of news to be released in first and second quarter of 2012. He said they have all 6 jet pumps up and running. Talked about the drill rig coming into todrill  the horizontal hole sometime in March/April.  Also was pretty positive about raising funds through the  forward contracts on natural gas..  Every thing seems to be on the up and up.   Its just been so slow that you get bored.  You just wonder why a guy like Tognetti doesn't just buy up the company. He trades it for pocket change.  

      Lots of other things on the go that I've forgotten about but this year is the year for stream.  GOod luck