Nothing much to say except I TOLD YOU SO ! Here is a copy & paste from my Oct 30 .12 post when everyone was pumping this stock and the mania was on overdrive ! 


Oct30.12: So I was trying to fugire out how many more shares I should purchase before earnings come out tomorrow? The problem I have with this stock is that it still doesnt have the exposure which means everytime there is good news ( earnings) , there is a pop in the stock days before / the day of and then it always comes back down to support around .70-.80 cents. 

I will defintly be selling my shares tomorrow as a real investor always locks in some profit and waits until the next wave of buying. Buy low & sell high. I really feel that the earnings gig is alrerady priced in here so I think it might be a little too late to " buy the news". Ill be " selling the story" tomorrow.
I still love SKO but a trained investor also rememebrs the history and behaviour of a stock. . I guess we will see if I am wrong in the coming days & keep in mind that this is only my opinion!