I am a value investor but I like growth.  Even though Stream is dirt cheap based on revs and eps, investors don't like buying a company that isn't growing and increasing profits.  The Q3 pause will take awhile to overcome.  Stream will have to re establish positive momentum.  One of these days, they will get the attention of a broker and  we will see a sudden rise in price to reasonable levels.  Hard to predict when that will be.  

Obviously if they can get financing at reasonable terms and get that horizontal drilled and producing, we will be on our way.  Even if they don't, Stream is pretty compelling.  But it's still unknown and company will have to hit on all cylinders for enough qtrs to convince the doubters.  

If they get the re injection compressor working, restart Delvina 12, sell condensate and ngas, I think that would be a terrific start.  The 6 new jet pumps will have the biggest near term impact on the P&L but establishing a paying market for the ngas and condensate will be the teaser that brings in the big money.  

I bought a few more today at .90.  I'm willing to wait.   Bobwins