There is way more money going out than there is coming in. The resources are limited. There is no magic well to keep dipping in. At this point in time we have no way of knowing the burn rate. What did CES cost,what did the non existant studios deals cost? what is 3DGO costing right now? How much do these trips to Asia cost? Seems to me they did the PP because they wanted to be sure they had enough money to launch 3DGO, not last 10 more years. They were confident that making money was now reality, so they didn't dilute by much. That was Sept/Oct , but I keep hearing the same forecasts over and over, so I'm concerned that they have limited money and limited time. Based on previous financials , they have some time , but based on today's expenses , you can't say for sure that six months isn't possible. You don't know what these guys are up to ,or what they are spending ?  I am voicing an opinion. Right or wrong ,it's yet to be proven. Prove me wrong Sensio